The Rightist and the Leftist are Potential to fight

By : Soedibyo


Now Indonesia is actually in the situation of  silent confrontation between the group who are sympathizer to the Communist (the Leftist) and the non communist group especially the nationalist and the religious group of people (the Rightist). The terminology of the "tolerance group" against the "in-tolerance group" now is starting to be popular issue in the political life. "The tolerance group" is the group who  based on human right issue to tolerate the activities of the leftist such as making movie film about the concentration camp of the leftist in Buru  island during the early years of the New Order period. And the "in-tolerance group"  are mostly the nationalist and the religious group who opposed such kind of the leftist activities.

Democratically to prevent the confrontation between the communist supporters and the non communist group to explode into the open conflict the Government is always trying to remind all the members of this nation to remember to the national ideology formulated by the founding fathers namely  Pancasila.

This  effort  are mainly executed firmly by the Security apparatus who are always to act based on Law and regulations. Recently the situation is felt increasingly sensitive and vulnerable because various phenomena concerning the increasing activities of the leftist and the reaction of the rightist are happening.

Unfortunately  the Security Apparatus  are now strongly criticized by many  tolerance group because of the action taken by the security apparatus  to cope with the action of the leftist to prevent the explode of the open fighting between the leftist against the rightist in this country.

The indications concerning the situation could be detected through the information printed in the media  as follows : Once LIPI’s researcher on history said, the  action of the Security apparatus against everything considered to be influenced by the communist teaching is apparently disturbing the peaceful situation and condition of the people lives.  This statement was made because the researcher was of the opinion that  the action of the security apparatus to be baseless and done without objective consideration,  as if the selling of the communist attribute to have been  found everywhere and spread widely in this country. “It is very sad if the action of the security apparatus to be continued” the researcher said answering the question for the confirmation by one reporter.

The researcher added the action of the security apparatus will be uncontrolled if the similar actions are spreading to the country sides. According to his observation now in the country sides the sweeping against the books related to the leftist figures have been done actively by the security apparatus. In fact according to the researcher the books are able to cover up the history of the past that in the “New Order” period was not published and read by the public.  “This will be certainly a serious backward if the security apparatus action is continued” he added.

According to the LIPI’s researcher, the government should give the explanation to the society to prevent this issue does not become a liar action. For example, the researcher said, the statement by the Cabinet’s Secretary Pramono Anung that the Decision of the People’s Consultative Assembly No XXV of 1966 is still valid should be clarified.

According to the researcher The Decision of The People’s Consultative Assembly No XXV of 1966 has been clarified by the Decision of the People’s Consultative Assembly No I of 2003.  Accordingly the researcher said that “The statement of the Cabinet Secretary should be clarified.

Aside of that, the researcher is expecting that the implementation of the Decision of the People’s  Consultative Assembly  should not be meant to forbid the circulation  or there is the national policy to sweep  a certain book which is considered as influenced by Communist teaching  from the book-store.  (Kompas com Thursday May 12, 2016).

Mean while, Chief of the National Police, General Pol Hadrotin Haiti said sharply, that all the activities influenced by communist ideology is strongly   forbidden. This is to prevent the unexpected development, such as the repressive action by the non communist group in the society.

The  observer  is commonly realizing that TNI and the National Police are intensively watch and strongly act to prevent the unexpected development. The Observer asks the question  How intensive, serious and  actual is the communist threat   today? To answer the question, General Hadrotin Haiti said, that a numbers of phenomena have emerged in the society, such as the using of communist attribute, the discussion on all kind of Leftist  demand and the activities of  certain group  to unite  the leftist followers.

The further question is in which part of the country or region are the activities influenced by the communist teaching to be detected by the security apparatus General Hadrotin said that the activities influenced by the communist ideology have been detected in various parts of the country side and regions.

Chief of the National Police said, that the Police should act rapidly,  serious and strongly to cope with that kind of activities according to the rule, otherwise the  non communist  group in the society will act based on their own  interest and judgment to repressive the leftist activities. Accordingly the Police has acted urgently in line with the legal concerns to the situation in order to prevent the unexpected or exaggerate reaction of the non communist group or the liar group in the society.

Chief of Police said that all the action taken by the Police on the case of communism was in according to the existing law or regulation concerns. The Police will always act in according to the procedure, such as someone wearing the shirt with the logo of communism “the hummer and the stickle” will be saved and asked what is the motive of wearing the suit with the communist logo. General Hadrotin Haiti the Chief of the National Police said that the Police supported by the expert concerns will decide whether someone  wearing the shirt with the logo  of the communist group “the hummer and the stickle” is motivated  with the political objective or just wearing without any motive. The analysis is done by the expert on communism. General Hadrotin Haiti added that the action taken against the seller of the shirts with the logo of “the hummer and the stickle” is just the same, the similar procedure was taken to detect the case.

Concerning the books on communist teaching, General Hadrotin said the Attorney General is the authority which has the function and the capabilities to decide the sensitive degree of the leftist book. That kind of books were swept from the store and handed to the Attorney General to be analyzed . Answering the question whether the books are allowed to be sold and owned by somebody General Hadrotin Haiti answered after the analysis of its content done by the Attorney General, this authority will make the decision concerning the books. (Detik com Thursday May 12, 2016.)

Aside of the information above, reports by various observers from various regions are indicating the increasing activities of the leftist, in the political activities demanding the Government to apologize to the victims of the 1965 tragedy and the mass killing and detaining Communist Party members for many years without trial. Reports also said the activity of the sympathizers of the leftist in various field such as education and art are clearly recorded.  Their objective is clearly to consolidate the leftist political power in this country.

The Assessment

The Communist Ideology in the world  had been over. Almost all the nations in the world are of the opinion that communism had been fail and the Communist countries mostly are collapse. The Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic of China the two communist giants in the world had survived are not because of the two countries have been defending her communist ideology, but the Republic of Russia and The Peoples Republic of China are economically ruled as the capitalist  country such as the Western countries such as the US and the West European Countries. Communism in Russia and China are just the symbol of the Country  but the problems   the  economic  life is solved through the real need of the people and capitalism way of thinking.

Unfortunately in Indonesia the former members and the sympathizers  of the Communist Party of Indonesia  in the past,  their  new generation and also those people who still live below the poor line are still believing that another political system ruled based on  the communist ideology is the only way to make all the Indonesian people to live prosperously.  This group of  people  are still expecting the survival of the communist power and to take part as the ruler of this country. However it is certainly impossible because the non communist group in the society will never let the communist power to survive and play the important role in this country.

The political emotion of today is among others  influenced by the situation concerning the pro and contra to the action of the former members and supporters of the Communist Party of Indonesia to demand the government of Indonesia to apologize to the Indonesian People affected badly by the national tragedy of 1965. This situation is concluded by the Non Communist group in the society as the indication that there is an atmosphere in Indonesia to day for the re-emergence of the Communist Power of Indonesia. Some political observers even predicted that the idea to officially create the Communist Party of Indonesia or its modification among the remnant of the leftist group is indicated. As we understand creating political party in Indonesia today is free in according to the democratic spirit.

Once sensitive step has been likely started, namely the  Government officially accepted the demand of the supporters, or the former members of the Communist Party of Indonesia to officially  make the   record of the so-called the  mass-graves  of the victims of the  supporters or the  members of the Communist Party of Indonesia killed by the non communist group supported by the government security forces  in 1965.

In Yogyakarta, a group of the leftist were looking at and discussing  the movie film produced by someone of the former member of the Communist Party of Indonesia who was detained in Buru island. This event was stopped by the security apparatus provoked by a number of people who are believed of the non-communist group.

Incidentally in one shop selling various  ready-made dress with various logos printed on the chest or the back, it was found a number of Shirts with the communist logo “the hummer and the stickle” on the  chest in a few numbers.

In Medan North Sumatera also incidentally a group of young men climbed up the statue of the Revolution Heroes  and  sat on its head for photos.  Since everybody  should knows that the Statue of the Revolution Heroes are the Statue of Six Generals and one Captain killed by the Communist Group in the beginning of the national tragedy in 1965 at Lubang Buaya Jakarta, the  action of those young men is suspected as  the emergence of the new generation of  the Communist Party of Indonesia, they are possibly the grandsons of the members of the Communist Party of Indonesia living in the past.

It is apparently the leftist group (the former members of the Communist Party of Indonesia and its supporters or its sympathizers) have exploited  the issue of human right for  their struggle to survive and demanding various interest to the government such as to apologize to the victims, rehabilitation and compensation for their lost and gone.  The existence of the National Commission on Human Right has apparently given the benefit to the former members of the Communist Party of Indonesia or its sympathizers since the human right is the sensitive issue that nobody can oppose it. Unfortunately one member of the Presidential Adviser had been involving in the political discussion on responding the leftist demands.

Reports from various regions and various aspect of life such as the education, the art and the social activities, the political motive to re-built the communist institution in this countries are indicated to arise spectacularly. The only way to control the activities of the society concerning the issue on the emergence of the spirit to rebuilt the communist power in this country,  the urgent steps taken by the Peoples Consultative Assembly  is definitely important. Accordingly it is definitely important that all the political parties to realize the situation face by the country.

The Conclusion

The country of Indonesia is likely facing the crucial period because of the will of the communist followers to arise again exploiting the most sensitive issue, namely the human right. Incidentally based on the issue of human right people tend to forget the political back ground of the real demand of group.

There is strong demand that the present Government on behalf of the Indonesian Government of the past to apologize to the victims of the national tragedy in 1965. The attitude of the Government to accept the issue of the existence of the mass grave,   could likely  move snowballing, that means the issue of the mass grave could develop into other sensitive and crucial issues concerning the national tragedy of 1965. The non communist groups tend to say that the response of the government to the issue of the mass-graves of the victims of 1965 tragedy is not correct step.

The possible open conflict between the leftist and the rightist should be anticipated and all the members of the Indonesian nation should prevent it not to happen. For such objective the national tragedy of 1965 should be considered to have been over and will never to be discussed again.

The only method to solve the sensitive problem as predicted above it is strongly important for the government to decide that the Indonesian will never  discuss the national tragedy of 1965 and to strengthen the national integrity  the implementation of the agenda of the Mental Revolution will be done through  the Pancasila Revolution, that means the all out agenda to absorb the Pancasila by all the members of the nations is seriously done.

* The Writer is a Security Observer.

*Seluruh isi tulisan menjadi tanggungjawab penulis.